Choosing A GPS Wrist Watch for Kids

Things to Consider

Kid's watches featuring Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities, come with a variety of features that will give the parents of an active child peace of mind. In a dangerous world, it's a must to be able to know where your child is at all times. Not only will parents be able to use a computer or even a cell phone to monitor their child's whereabouts in real-time, lost children will be able to activate an emergency beacon to notify parents they are in need of assistance. On some models, distress signals will be sent to emergency hot-lines as well. 

To ensure against removal of the watch by anyone other than a parent or guardian, some models of GPS kid's watches come with a safety lock. The watch can't be removed or deactivated without the parent's approval. This feature enables parents to track an active youth with no worry of them being able to remove the watch and wander off on their own. 

Additional features on GPS kid's watches often include the ability to retrace a route and return to a starting location. Lost adolescents will be able to find their way back to a designated meeting point with the press of a button. This is ideal for camping or hiking trips and eliminates the worry that a child will get lost and not be able to find their way back to camp. 

One complaint heard often about GPS kid's watches is that they are more expensive than most other watches for children. Rest assured that these watches are built to last and are made of durable materials. Instead of asking yourself if you can afford to purchase a GPS kid's watch, a better question is if you can afford not to. Give yourself peace of mind and ensure your child is safe with a GPS watch.